URL Extractor Ver 1.0 - FREE!

Url Extractor has been created to extract URL addresses from web pages. It can fetch all valid URL's any HTML file and generate an output file with formatted Url's without duplicates. You are also able to filter Url's to prevent addresses (you do not wish to be included in your list) to be added.

Save web pages onto your hard drive and then extract the Url's using Url Extractor. This program will extract Url's from files on your local drives and save them to standard text files.

URL Extractor comes in handy when you are looking for URL's to crawl with the crawler that comes with PowerSeek SQL or Turbo Seek.



Windows XP / Vista / Window 7


Just run setupextract.exe



URL Extractor is distributed ‘as is’ and on an ‘as available’ basis, without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied. In no event shall FocalMedia.Net be liable for any damages, losses, loss of profits and data losses, related to the use of the Url Extractor.


  • File size is 665kb

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