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Tutorials >>> 3.3.4. How To Set Permissions With WS FTP

Change File Permissions (chmod) with FTP

If you have CGI script files on your web-server, you'll need to have permissions that are writable in order for your users to access them. In case such files are NOT writable at all, your users will most probably be surprised with this error message:

Permission denied in [filename] ......

Most of the current existing FTP clients make some possible effort to change the file permissions. It can be done in one of two ways:

- With the command line and the command chmod or ......

- With a menus, dropdown- and checkboxes.

Changing Permissions Using WS FTP

(Click on each image to enlarge.)

1. Start WS FTP.

2. Connect to your (or any other web server of your choice) by clicking on the Connect button on the Standard Toolbar (the highlighted button in Fig.1). A Site Manager box will appear (Fig 2).

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3. Click on Create Site and follow the easy wizard. Enter ALL of the relevant fields and connect.

4. Once you have connected to the server, go to the file whose permission you want to change.

5. After selecting the file, right-click on the file. A box, similar to the one in the screenshot below, will appear. Click on the Properties option at the bottom of the box.

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6. Once you've clicked Properties option, a properties box will appear.

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At the bottom of the box, is a section on Permissions. You'll see text (Numeric Field) and next to that is field with a default value (644) in it. Just below that are three columns labeled Owner, Group and Public. Within these are three checkboxes each.

When you insert a value in field, you change the permission of the file. This, in turn, changes the values of the checkboxees too, allowing each of the members (Owner, Group, Public) certain amounts of access to the file being edited at the moment. The example below (Fig 3) shows when the permission is set to "777".

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