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Focalmedia Software Installation Tutorial Index


   1.1 What it is.
   1.2 What scripts are used for?
   1.3 Installing scripts on your server.

           1.3.1  What you will need.
           1.3.2  General instructions on how to install scripts on your server.

   2.1 What it is.
   2.2 Getting started with Cuteftp.
   2.3 About the toolbar.
   2.4 How to connect.
   2.5 Navigating directories.
   2.6 Transferring files.

   3.1 What it is.
   3.2 How it works.
   3.3 How to set file permissions using the unix command: Chmod.
           3.3.1  How to set permissions from your ftp client/program:
           3.3.2  How to set permissions from telnet or SSH:
           3.3.3  How to set permissions with CuteFTP:
           3.3.4  How to set permissions with WS FTP:

CGI Script Installation Trouble Shooting Help
    4.1 CGI Script Installation Trouble Shooter
           4.1.1 Full Server Paths
           4.1.2 File & Directory Permissions
           4.1.3 Getting it right


HTML Tutorial

Table of Contents

Basic HTML

Advanced HTML

Links to HTML and Image Resources


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