Upgrade From Turbo Seek to PowerSeek

Turbo Seek has become very popular from when it was first released many years ago, and on top of it's success we now offer an even bigger, better and enhanced Search Engine & Directory Builder, "PowerSeek".

From start to finish, it was built to put power and ease of use in your hands. Built to be the big brother of Turbo Seek, we aim to set a new landmark in Search Engine & Directory building technology.

PowerSeek SQL can be thought of as the next generation Turbo Seek. PowerSeek SQL comes with all the features it’s little brother Turbo Seek offers, but has dozens of new exciting features, plug-ins and functionalities.

All Turbo Seek features in PowerSeek has been enhanced, according to valuable feedback we have received from our clients over many years. The many new and enhanced features make PowerSeek very flexible, customizable and powerful to suite the needs of anyone serious in building a successful Search Engine & Directory. You can find out more about PowerSeek here.

You can see a complete PowerSeek SQL feature list here.


PowerSeek Home Page
Free Upgrade Service
Upgrade Notes
Upgrading Includes
Order PowerSeek Upgrade
Free Upgrade Service

We offer a free upgrade service where we will install PowerSeek SQL for you and import your links from Turbo Seek into PowerSeek SQL. This means that all your categories and links will be safely imported into PowerSeek SQL just as it was in Turbo Seek. The only thing you will need to do after the upgrade is to re-customize your templates. You can find detailed information about the upgrade process here.

Upgrade Notes

Note that the only thing required on your part when doing the upgrade is that you re-customize your templates. The template system used in PowerSeek SQL is almost identical to Turbo Seek's template system. There are just more templates and template options available with PowerSeek SQL.

The Upgrade From Turbo Seek To PowerSeek SQL Includes:
  • You receive PowerSeek electronically. We install PowerSeek for you for free and import your links and categories from Turbo Seek into PowerSeek.
  • Free email support for the life-time of the current version of PowerSeek SQL. Our support team is geared to provide you with solutions and to ensure that you are satisfied with our product.
  • You will receive free upgrades, updates, patches and add-on's for the lifetime of the current version of PowerSeek SQL. Upgrades is a very simple process and should take you less than 5 minutes.
  • Special attention and priority email support will be given to new users of PowerSeek SQL.

You can see PowerSeek SQL Demos and find more information about PowerSeek SQL by visiting the PowerSeek SQL Homepage.

Order PowerSeek Upgrade

sec.gif (131 bytes) Purchase PowerSeek Upgrade - $90
(Note that you have to own Turbo Seek to be able to upgrade to PowerSeek)

Please contact us for pricing if you want to upgrade more than one copy of Turbo Seek to PowerSeek SQL.  

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