Know Exactly Where Your Web Site Traffic Comes From

Ever wondered where your web visitors come from? Wonder no more! Traffic Source is a web site statistics tool that tells you where your web site visitors are coming from. It will display detailed statistics of who sent traffic to your web site or specified web pages.


Traffic Source Ver 1.0 Beta
Web Site Statistics
Free for commercial or personal use


How does it work?

After Traffic Source is installed, you set up trackers via the Traffic Source Control Panel. These trackers will track who is referring traffic to pages of your web site. Traffic Source provides you with HTML code for each tracker which you place inside your web pages. When this is done Traffic Source will keep track of who is sending you traffic. You can then at any time log into the Control Panel to view web site statistics of who sent traffic with accompanying graph. You can also view the exact URL's of domains that sent traffic your way.

web site statistics software


How does it work
Ease of Use
Hosting Requirements
Ease of Use

The comprehensive Control Panel that comes with traffic source makes the use of it almost self-explanatory. Traffic Source also comes with an installation interface that makes installation easy.



Click here for an online Demo of traffic source to see how it works.

User Name: testing
Password: testing
Note that some functions of the demo has been disabled so that we can provide the demo for you in an orderly fashion.


web site traffic statistics


Hosting Requirements
  • Unix/Linux based host
  • Standard cgi-bin access
  • MYSQL with the DBI modules installed. If you are on a virtual host then it is almost certain that your host will have DBI modules installed.



Documentation is available here.


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