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Open Directory Importer - Plugin - Version 1.0 Alpha  - FREE!


The open directory importer for Turbo Seek imports links from the open directory. You specify where you would like links imported into your directory and supply a URL of the open directory where links should be fetched from.

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  • Provides a full tree display where you can choose where you would like links imported.
  • Checks for duplicate urls.


  • Version 1.65c of Turbo Seek
  • The LWP:Simple (perl sockets module) - Used to download URLs from the open directory. Most host providers will have this installed. If it's not installed, contact your host provider to have it installed. It is likely that your host provider will install it for you at no cost.


  • Important: Please read this before importing any links.   
  • When you attempt to run this plugin and receive 'Internal Server Errors' you do not have the LWP:Simple perl module installed.  
  • Minor Bug: Currently, links that is imported is not counted and the counts won't show in the control panel. To remedy the problem, rebuild the search index which will recount all links and correct the link counts displayed.   
  • Please note that you cannot expect to import 100 000 links and still run Turbo Seek on a virtual host. If you have more than 80 000 - 100 000 links we recommend that you run Turbo Seek on a dedicated server.





The open directory importer is distributed ‘as is’ and on an ‘as available’ basis, without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied. In no event shall FocalMedia.Net be liable for any damages, losses, loss of profits and data losses, related to the use of the 'Open Directory Importer - Plugin'

Also see the Open Directory License for the use of links obtained from the open directory.




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