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Turbo Seek Shareware License
  • Turbo Seek is shareware. It may be downloaded and installed for demonstration purposes, but any public usage should be registered.

  • Editing/Modifying the source code of the shareware version is forbidden except where changing the path of the perl interpreter in the scripts. You may also uncomment the DBI code string to enable DBI modules to be used in conjunction with Mysql. Registered users may edit/modify the source code of Turbo Seek.

Shareware Notes
  • When you register Turbo Seek, no re-installation of the scripts is required. Your current installation of Turbo Seek is simply upgraded to the commercial version, leaving all your settings, templates, categories and links in tact.

  • The edit links function has been disabled in the shareware version where you cannot edit link listings. This should not cripple Turbo Seek to the point where you cannot fully test drive it. All major functions is available.

  • FocalMedia.Net copyright notices displayed to end users will not be visible in the registered version.

Download Turbo Seek Ver 2.1

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Please note that you have to follow the installation instructions to install Turbo Seek. This can be found here.


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Installation Instructions:

Turbo Seek installation instructions can be found here

Installation Help/Support

You may contact us for help with your installation. You can do that by opening a support ticket. You can do that here. Note that you have to create a support account. (It's free) It will take you two minutes or less.

Upgrade Instructions For Current Users:

The Turbo Seek upgrade instructions can be found here:
Upgrade Instructions

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