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SiteNet BBS Documentation


1. Installation
1.1 Requirements to run SiteNet BBS
1.2 Unix/Linux installation instructions
1.3 Unix/Linux installation Trouble shooter
1.4 Enabling Search Engine Friendly URL's

2. Upgrading
2.1 Unix/Linux upgrade instructions for SiteNet BBS versions 3.x

3. Getting Started
3.1 How to Create Forums
3.2 Forum Settings & Options explained
3.3 How to Create Moderators (Super Users) For Your Forums
3.4 Global Settings & Options Explained
3.5 How to add your own custom smiley icons
3.6 How to use and add your own user images/graphics.

4. How to Manage Forums
4.1 How to edit and delete messages and replies.
4.2 How to move or copy topics to other forums.
4.3 How to run moderated forums.
4.4 How to delete forums and forum categories.
4.5 How to re-order forum categories and forums.

5. How to Manage Users
5.1 Member title configurations
5.2 How to delete users
5.3 How to edit a user’s profile.
5.4 How to add a moderators or administrators (Super Users)
5.5 How to ban users via IP address.
5.6 How to get user email addresses for mailing list purposes.

6. Moderators and Administrators Explained
6.1 How to Create Moderators (Super Users) For Your Forums
6.2 Moderator Privileges
6.3 Administrator Privileges
6.4 How to turn on Email Notification for Moderators and Administrators

7. Administrative Tasks
7.1 How to Move Your Forums To Another Host/Server
7.2 Backups & Restoration

8. Customization (Look & Feel)
8.1 Customization Basics
8.2 Template Basics
8.3 How to edit templates
8.4 What is the variable words in the templates/HTML files?
8.5 How to use images in templates
8.6 General Template Guidelines