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Web Hosting Requirements:

FM Site Search Pro has been created to run on almost any web host. Most hosting companies will meet the requirements to install and run FM Site Search Pro.

  • Unix/Linux based web host
  • Perl (cgi-bin directory)
  • Ftp Access
  • Supports Mysql (Optional)

Free Version Notes:

  • When you upgrade the free version to the 'Pro' version then no re-installation of the scripts are required. Your current installation of FM Site Search is simply upgraded to the Professional version, leaving all your settings & templates in tact. 

Free Version License:

  • Selling the code for this program without prior written consent from FocalMedia.Net is expressly forbidden. You may not redistribute this program or any part of it.
  • The source code of FM Site Search Pro may not be modified. The source code of the 'Pro' version may be edited for your own purposes but no part of FM Site Search may be resold.

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  Please note that you have to follow the installation instructions to install FM Site Search Pro on your web host. The installation instructions can be found here.

Web Site Search Engine

Installation Help / Support:

You may contact us for help with your installation. You can do that by opening a support ticket. You can do that here. Note that you have to create a support account. (It's free) It will take you two minutes or less.

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