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1. Is Turbo Seek a web-based tool?

2. Will Turbo Seek run on Linux/Unix?

3. May I have listings that does not have URL's?

4. How much space will Turbo Seek take up on my host?

5. How much Programming knowledge should I have to use Turbo Seek?

6. I would like to give certain categories a different look and feel (use a different layout with different graphics,etc) or I would like to include extra information or text when visitors browse certain categories. Is this possible?

7. I would like to see live sites using Turbo Seek so that I can have a better idea of what it can do.

8. Can I use Turbo Seek on an Intranet?

9. How long will it take to install Turbo Seek on my server/host?

10. I would like to list additional information with my links, like address details, or extended information about the link listing. I would also like to be able to capture this extra information from the 'Add URL' forms.

11. Do I pay a yearly fee for using Turbo Seek?

12. Do I have to show any Focal Media Logo or put a link to Focalmedia.net when I have purchased Turbo Seek?

13. Is it difficult to install Turbo Seek?

14. I would like to use my own logo/graphics/design/layout/texts with my own look & feel for my Search Engine & Directory.

15. How much bandwidth will I require to run Turbo Seek?

16. Can I use Google's Adsense program with Turbo Seek to generate advertisement revenue?

17. I have installed Turbo Seek, and added directories, links and applying some template customizations for my testing purposes. If I register Turbo Seek and purchase a license will I need to redo anything?

18. I would like to know if the payment for the Turbo Seek SQL is one time payment or annual payment?

19. Can I run Turbo Seek without having MySQL?

20. What hosting company would you recommend for Turbo Seek.

21. Do you provide a discount if I purchase more than one license.

22. Do the copyright notices disappear on my search engine's pages when I register Turbo Seek?