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Question: Everything worked but when I customized my templates a lot of things stopped working.

Answer: Ensure that you have the correct variable words inside your templates. These are the words enclosed by %% and !! - If the necessary variable words is not present your search engine and directory won't function correctly.

Also open the templates that came with the .zip archive you downloaded for an example of what should be present. The templates are the files with .html extensions inside the .zip archive under the 'data' directory. You can get the various template file names inside the Turbo Seek control panel when editing the templates. (when viewing the HTML code of templates inside the Template Manager)

If all else fails, restore the original template or templates. The default templates are located in the .zip installation file under the 'data' directory. Transfer the various .html files (templates) to your 'data' directory and replace your old .html files. You can selectively replace .html files if you only need to restore some templates. Again, the file names of templates can be obtained from the Turbo Seek control panel when you edit templates. (the area where you copy and paste the template HTML code into your web editor)

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