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Question: I was wondering if Turbo Seek can support a "premium listing" in each category. This would enable an advertiser to buy the top numbered search positions.

Answer: Yes, Turbo Seek does support premium listings. You can specify that specific links should always appear first. You would do this from the web admin control panel when adding/editing a link.

To control the placements of links, you can do the following:

Choose to sort listings by number of hits. Click the [b]Settings[/b] tab and then click on [b]General Configuration[/b]. For [b]Directory Listings[/b] choose [b]Hits[/b] so that listings is sorted by number of hits. Click the [b]Save[/b] button. Now you have configured turbo seek to sort listings from highest number of hits to least number of hits when displaying links to end users.

Now add premium listings. Adding premium listings is just like adding a normal link except that you choose it to be listed at the top.

When adding your premium links to categories/directories, specify that the links should always be listed at the top. Assign a number of hits to these new links. For example 3000, for the link listing that you want to be at the top (No. 1) and 2999 for the listing that you want on the second listing and so forth.

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