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Question: I try to log into the control panel but it won't accept my user name or password.

Answer: Ensure that your browser has cookies enabled. The control panel needs to be able to set cookies to your browser. Some firewall software may disable the use of cookies with your browser.

If you forgot the user name and password rerun setup.cgi and change the user name and password. If you deleted setup.cgi previously as instructed when you installed Turbo Seek, just transfer setup.cgi to the location where the rest of your admin CGI scripts reside. Also assign the permission of 755 to setup.cgi so that it can be executed from your browser. setup.cgi can be found within the .zip installation archive under the 'cgi/admin' directory.

If the above doesn't solve the problem, make sure that your computer is set to the correct date. It might also be that the server/host where Turbo Seek is running on has the incorrect date set to it. Contact your host and ask them to check the date of their server. The login mechanism of Turbo Seek works with time.

If the above does not solve the problem, clear your browser's cache and cookies. Then try again.

If the all the above still doesn't solve the problem, try using another browser to see what happens.

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