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Question: When I ran and completed setup.cgi, I get 500 errors when I try to access admin.cgi.

Answer: The usual problem of this happening can be one of the following:

If you have Mysql enabled and uncommented 'use DBI;' in the script and dbi modules is not installed for use with Mysql. In other words, the scripts are complaining because they cannot find the modules which enables the scripts to talk to mysql. Run admin4.cgi and if it also gives you the same problem it is most probably the DBI modules. Turn off the use of mysql and see what happens. If this solves the problem, contact your host to find out if they have DBI modules installed for use with Mysql.

The script may have become corrupted when you transferred it. Try re-transferring it.

The scripts does not have permissions of 755. All .cgi and .pm files needs permissions of 755.

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