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Question: When I run admin3.cgi and admin4.cgi to build indexes from SSH I received the following error: admin4.cgi: Can't locate in @INC, etc...

Answer: In order to build indexes from SSH you need to be in the 'admin' directory where the scripts resides. In other words, you need to cd (change directory) to the 'admin' directory and then execute the scripts like follows: perl admin3.cgi or perl admin4.cgi

Below is an example of the correct way to execute admin3.cgi or admin4.cgi: Note that fictional paths are used.

[someprompt>] cd /home/
[someprompt>] perl admin3.cgi

The example below won't work:
[someprompt>] perl /home/

The same goes when using cron to generate indexes. You need to cd (change directory) to the working directory (scripts admin directory) and then execute the files.

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