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Question: How do I change the size of the %%submissionbox%% box (where users supply a description for their link) in the 'add url' form? The text-field-box is too small and I want to make it bigger or assign my own style to it, or add Java Script to it.

Answer: The %%submission%% variable is there because using a text-field-box creates HTML problems when working with the template manager. You are welcome to use your own submission box (manually inserting the box HTML code into the template(s)). This way you can resize or use the style that you have in mind for it. Note that you will have to manually open the 'add url' template with your web editor. Do this by opening the relevant add URL template file or files. You can get the file names of the 'add url' templates from the template manager. The template files are .html files and all of them are located inside your 'data' directory. See the installation instructions for an explanation on where the 'data' directory is situated.

Once you have opened the 'add url' template, add your own text-field-box to the 'add url' form and name it: 'subdiz' It is very important that the box name is 'subdiz' without the quotes off-course. Remember that you will have to remove %%submissionbox%% variable from the template.

If you want to change the number of characters that's allowed to be submitted by end-users, click on the settings & options button when in the control panel. Click on the 'General Configuration' link. Look for a setting that reads: '╦ťMaximum Number of Characters allowed in description field when a link is submitted:'

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