Turbo Seek Search Engine & Internet Directory Software
"Create Your Own Search Engine & Directory Portal With
Ease and Total Control"

Creating a Search Engine & Directory would traditionally require large amounts of programming, finances, specialized technical skills and effort. With Turbo Seek you don't need any programming skills or thousands of Dollars. Turbo Seek enables anyone to build a Search Engine & Directory Portal with the minimum expense and effort. No matter your level of technical expertise. If you can edit and work with web pages, you can build your own fully functional Search Engine & Directory with Turbo Seek.

You create your own category hierarchy and add links to the categories via the extensive Admin Control Panel that comes with Turbo Seek. All links in all categories can then be searched with Turbo Seek's intelligent search facility. Link displays can be controlled and content sensitive advertisements can be displayed in categories you specify.

The Admin Control Panel gives you total control over new submissions, modified links and the management of your Search Engine & Directory.    

All HTML or text displayed to end users are customizable. You can also add extra fields to support any type of custom data for a specialized Search Engine & Directory. Turbo Seek also supports custom template sets where you can customize the look and feel of any categories - to target content sensitive advertisements or information at specific categories. Also included is a content sensitive banner rotator that enables you to target content sensitive banner advertisements at specific categories.

Other main features includes a crawler, spam filter, intelligent search engine for accurate results, and many more. See the feature lists below for more detailed information.   

"Generate Traffic to your existing Web Site with Turbo Seek"

Turbo Seek is a very flexible Search Engine & Directory builder that will enable you to build and run any type of specialized Search Engine & Directory. Adding a specialized Search Engine & Directory on the theme of your web site is a sure way generating extra targeted traffic to your web site or E-Commerce venture. Turbo Seek has the option of generating it's entire category structure as HTML files. This gives you the advantage of Search Engine friendly URL's that other Search Engines can index. After your Directory has been indexed by Google.com and other Search Engines, you will receive traffic, month after month, year after year with the minimum of effort on your part.

"The Admin Control Panel is Visually User Friendly in Every Aspect and will allow you to Seamlessly Build and Manage your Search Engine & Directory"

Special care has been taken to design a control panel that would be user friendly in every aspect of working with it. The control panel seamlessly guides you through the creation and management of your Search Engine & Directory. You can literally start the creation process within minutes after installation. Almost all functions are self explanatory and you should be able to start using it straight away.

Admin Control Panel Features:
tseekapanel.jpg (7419 bytes)
  • Unlimited Category Levels - Designed to support a multilevel directory structure. Use as many sub-categories as you need.
  • HTML Generation - You can run your Directory from generated HTML files or dynamically/programmatically. Generated HTML pages will improve the performance of the time it takes to load pages and take up much less server resources than a dynamic directory. It will also make your Directory SEO friendly to Search Engines Indexing your Directory.
  • Powerful Link Management Features - Edit all aspects of any link or batches of links and delete or move any links or batches of links.
  • Powerful Category Management Features - Create, Rename, and Delete entire directories with it's contents and subdirectories. You can also create multiple directories at a time.
  • User Friendly Admin Panel - Navigate the directory visually. Tree displays also available to see the structure of Directories at any time.       
  • Extremely Customizable - With the use of HTML templates you can completely customize all HTML and text displayed to your visitors. You can place anything like: graphics, javascript, link listings and text, anywhere on pages served to end users. This enables you to give your Search Engine & Directory the exact look and feel that you have in mind.
  • Custom Category Look & Feel - Supports custom templates that you can use to give any categories a different look & feel. You can also use this to display any content or advertisements in specific categories.
  • Built in Banner Rotation System - Comes with a banner rotation system that enables you to target any size banners at contents of your directories/categories. It also keeps track of all impressions and clicks, Graph displays and detailed statistics also available for all banners rotated. The banner rotator can also be used externally on any web pages.
  • Crawler - The admin control panel has a built in crawler, to fetch titles, descriptions & keywords of URL's. You just feed the crawler with URL's and it supplies you with listings you can add to categories.
  • Power full Spam Blocking Features - Comes with a spam filter and captcha (letterbox) authentications.
  • Control Link Positions - You can specify that certain links should always be listed at the top of categories so that they get the most exposure.
  • Extra Data Fields - Add/define up to 10 extra fields/keys for link listings. Create your own custom data fields with ease to display extra information with link listings like addresses, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Link Sorting Options - Links can be listed/sorted according to the most number of hits, ratings, votes or alphabetically.
  • Powerful Admin Functions - Approve / Reject new submissions & reviews. Also sends successful/rejected (optional) emails to end users when a new link submission has been added or rejected. Email messages are fully customizable.
  • Easy Installation - Comes with a setup interface to ensure easy installation and configuration.
  • Many more. See the online Admin Control Panel demo and other demo's below.

create a search engine & directory
Version 2.1

Turbo Seek's Big Brother
PowerSeek SQL
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What People Say:
"A great script that really meets my needs exactly - especially in the tremendous way you can configure the appearance - I for one am fed up with so many sites looking identical and with your script you can be completely original."
H. Bereton
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Online Admin Control Panel Demo
Log into the Demo Admin Control Panel with the following details:

User Name: testing
Password: testing
Click here for the online control panel demo.

User Name: testing
Password: testing
Search Engine & Directory Demos

Click on a screen shot below for a Turbo Seek
Search Engine & Directory Demo.

create your own search engine
Demo Search Engine 1

business directory script
Demo Search Engine 2

Live Sites That Use Turbo Seek

Contact us if you would like to add your site using Turbo Seek here.

End-User Features

(Users Browsing The Search Engine & Directory)

  • User Friendly End User Interface - Every measure has been taken to ensure that users will enjoy and find your Search Engine & Directory easy to use and to understand.
  • Extremely Customizable - All text/HTML layouts displayed to end users are fully customizable. This high degree of customization gives you the ability to give your Search Engine & Directory a total original look - exactly the way you want it to look like. You are in control by editing all HTML code and texts that is being used.
  • Accurate Search Results - The Search Engine provides results based on a special relevance formula to search terms provided. This relevance formula ensures that search results are intelligent and accurate.
  • Link Ratings - End users can rate a link on a scale from 1 to 10.
  • Link Reviews or Comments - End users can add a review/comment to any link. Number of reviews are displayed next to the 'review it' link for each link listing.
  • New Link Submission - End users can submit new links to be added to the index.
  • Link Modifications - End users may also modify their links.
  • Email Notifications - End users can be notified via email (optional) when their link have been added/denied to the index.
  • Top Hits & New Links - Compile Top Hits and What's New pages to indicate new links and most clicked links.
  • Search Index - Searches are performed from a specially structured index that ensures optimum speed when searching.
  • Many more... See the demos and live sites to the left.


Web Hosting Requirements

Turbo Seek has very few requirements. The idea when designing began, was to make it so self sufficient that it will run from any virtual hosting account or Unix/Linux based server. The less dependencies it would have, the better. We believe we have achieved our goal without compromising any functionality.

  • Unix/Linux based host
  • Perl (cgi-bin directory)
  • Ftp access
  • Turbo Seek supports MYSQL - Optional

Quick and Easy Installation

We have gone to every measure to make installation as easy as possible. Turbo Seek comes with an installation interface to make sure you get it right the first time. No files need to be manually edited. Videos are also additionally available that details each step of the installation to ensure that anyone with little or no script-installation experience can install Turbo Seek.

Turbo Seek Licensing Policy
  • We will provide you with product support for up to 30 000 links with Turbo Seek. For a Search Engine & Directory with more links, we recommend PowerSeek which is Turbo Seek's big brother. PowerSeek is an enhanced version of Turbo Seek, especially created to handle large amounts of links and high traffic sites. PowerSeek also comes with dozens of extra features not included in Turbo Seek. Turbo Seek is also upgradable to PowerSeek which means you can upgrade from Turbo Seek to PowerSeek at any time in the future.
  • A single license enables you to use this program for one domain. You will need a license for each domain you use the software on. You can install as many instances of the software on one domain as required, but multiple domains will require multiple licenses.  
  • Selling or reselling the code or any part of Turbo Seek without prior written consent from FocalMedia.Net is expressly forbidden. You may not redistribute this program in any shape or form.
  • Registered users may edit/modify the source code of Turbo Seek.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Our number one aim is customer satisfaction. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that Turbo Seek is a quality product that delivers it's promise. To prove our point we are offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 30 days after your purchase, contact us and we will promptly refund you. No questions asked!

Kindly note that there are various administrative & billing duties involved with the financial institutions used when providing a refund. It is unfortunately not free for us to provide you with a refund. For this reason we can only refund you back with 90% of the total amount paid to us.
FREE Installation!
With your purchase we also offer you a free professional installation service. Due to time constraints on our side we are only able to provide free installations for a limited time. We will do our best to do your installations as soon as possible. Installations are done within 1-24 hours on week days and within 1-48 hours on weekends.

Purchasing / Registering
Turbo Seek Includes:
  • Free life-time support. Our support team is geared to provide you with solutions and to ensure that you are satisfied with our product.
  • Users of Turbo Seek will receive free upgrades/updates/patches/add-on's for the lifetime of the current version.
  • All FocalMedia.Net copyright notices displayed on end-user pages are removed. 
  • The shareware limitation where links cannot be edited from the control panel is removed.
Pre-Sales Questions - Have a Question?

Please contact us for any questions you may have about Turbo Seek. We will try our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

Download Turbo Seek
Shareware Version

Download and install the shareware version of Turbo Seek to give it a 'test drive'.

Click here to download The Shareware
Version of Turbo Seek


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