Add a Robust and Highly Customizable Guestbook To Your Web Site

GuestFriend is a free Guestbook Script that has been designed to be fully customizable and easy to install. All text and layouts are 100% customizable so that it can look exactly like your Web Site. The customization options also allows you to incorporate your web site logo, navigation bars, graphics, texts, etc. Guestfriend is a simple CGI application that can add value to your site by making it more interesting and interactive for your visitors. It also comes with a setup interface and installation videos to make the installation process easy and painless.

free guestbook

GuestFriend Ver 3.0
Free Guestbook for personal or commercial use.

GuestFriend Key Features:

  • Extremely Customizable - All text/HTML displayed to visitors are 100% customizable. You can make it look exactly like your web site. It will fit seamlessly into it. This degree of customization also makes it possible to use it to create a Guestbook in any language.
  • Approval of New Messages - You can configure the Guestbook so that all entries need to be approved by you before being displayd in the Guestbook. (This is an optional feature and can be turned on or off)
  • Page Navigation - Allows you to specify how many entries should be displayed on a 'per page' basis. (Previous and Next page navigation's available for Guestbooks with many entries) This feature is available specifically to avoid a GuestBook that has to many entries listed on one single page.
  • Email Notification - Optionally be notified by email when new Guestbook entries are posted by your visitors.
  • Autoresponder - You can set up an auto-responder email to send email to users posting a new entry thanking them for signing the Guestbook.
  • Spam Proof - Uses Captcha's so that the Guestbook cannot be spammed by automated spam bots or scripts.
  • User Friendly Admin Panel - Provides you with a user friendly - easy to use - Admin interface. The Admin interface provides you with the ability to delete and edit guestbook entries.
  • Easy Installation - Comes with a setup interface to make installation as easy as possible.
  • Many more. See the examples.

free guest book script

Admin Control Panel Demo
Web hosting requirements
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Click here to see a Demo of GuestFriend


Admin Control Panel Demo

Click here to see a Demo of the Admin Control Panel.

GuestFriend Web Hosting Requirements
    • Unix/Linux Based Web Host
    • Perl (standard cgi-bin access)
    • FTP Access

GuestFriend documentation can be obtained here.


There is no support due to Guestfriend being completely free.

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