"Add Powerful Web Site Search Engine Software to your Web Site with Ease! Add FM SiteSearch to it today! FREE!"

Let your web visitors search the contents of your web site with high accuracy in seconds. FM SiteSearch is Web Site Search Engine software designed to be fast, accurate, user friendly and easy to install. It is highly functional and comes with many features and advanced web site search capabilities.

"Put Web Site Navigation on Steroids!"

It's a fact that visitors to web sites are there because they are specifically looking for something. In most cases they won't stick around if they can't find what they are looking for - and this happens in seconds. Adding accurate and intelligent Web Site Search Engine software to your web site ensures that users find what they need quickly. FM SiteSearch can provide your visitors with a highly accurate search that will search your web site with lightning speed. It will let your visitors find what they need - fast!


"Provide Search Results That Looks Exactly Like Your Web Site"

Special attention has been given to the customization options of FM SiteSearch. It has been designed to be 100% customizable so that the search results from your web site would fit the exact design of your web pages. No matter the design of your web site. You can literally implement any kind of design, even if it contains Flash, Javascript or Ajax.


"How FM SiteSearch Pro Ensures Lightning Speeds When It Comes to Searching"

FM SiteSearch has an option to builds it's own Index that it uses for search results. It will Index all your web pages in it's own specially structured Index for speed. If you have a very large web site then you can configure FM SiteSearch to use MySQL where it will use a MySQL database as an Index.


"Very Easy to Use and Install"

FM SiteSearch has been designed to be user friendly in every aspect and you can start using it straight away after it has been installed. Most options and functions will be totally self-explanatory. The installation instructions of FM SiteSearch comes with videos demonstrating it's installation so that you get it right the first time and as quickly as possible. Install FM SiteSearch today and add powerful web site search capabilities to your web site!

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What People Say About FM SiteSearch Pro:

"This is a tremendous piece of software by the way. I've been using another script for several years, but it's about a hundred (!) times slower at indexing the site than yours."
J. Hays

"WHAT A TERRIFIC PIECE OF SOFTWARE. . A TRUE MASTERPIECE. . it was indeed easy to setup and beautiful to watch in action."
S. Margaretic

"Just wanted to let you know we've been using SiteSearch Pro on our site at pondalgaesolutions.com for several years now and really like it. It\'s worked flawlessly for us. I'm thinking of adding it to another site and noted on your sales page that you listed sites already using the software. If you'd like to include us in this listing or need a testimonial please let me know."
M. Washburn

  Web Site Search Engine

Web Site Search Engine Demo
Specify any keywords below to search for:



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Advanced Web Site Search Engine Demo
Specify any keywords below to do an advanced search:


Do phrase matches.
Do whole word matching.
Do partial word matching.
Extra high relevance if all keywords present.
Search page titles
Search page meta descriptions
Search page meta keywords
Search page contents
Extra high relevance for phrase matches
Extra high relevance for whole word matches


Administrator Control Panel Demo

FM SiteSearch Pro comes with a comprehensive Admin Control Panel where you can set many settings & options on how your search engine will function.

Click here for a demo of the control panel.

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FM SiteSearch - Free Version FM SiteSearch Professional
Free Version
Free for commercial or personal use

Pro Version
Professional Version


FM SiteSearch Key Features:

Feature Description: FREE Version Pro Version
Advanced Search Engine Relevance Algorithm - Ensures accurate search results..
Meta Tags - Supports meta tags and displays meta descriptions in search results.
Advanced Searches - Visitors can specify how matching should be done.
Highlighted Keywords - Displays paragraphs/text with highlighted keywords where a matches found.
Filtering - Configurable to only search specific files with specific extensions.
Comprehensive Control Panel - Comes with a comprehensive user friendly Administrator Control Panel.
Visitor Search Preferences - Visitors may change their search preferences.
100% Customizable - Can be fully customized to fit the exact look and feel of your web site or any design.
Indexing - Supports indexing where pages are indexed for super fast searches.  
Wysiwyg Template Editor - (Built-in Wysiwyg template editor to customize templates)  
Mysql Support Optionally - Mysql support (optional) for use with large web sites.  
Specialized Searches - Create searches for specific sections/directories of your web site.  
Search Statistics - Provides detailed search statistics with accompanying graphs.  
No Powered by Notices - 'Powered by FM SiteSearch' notices are not visible to end users.  
Easy installation - Comes with a web based setup interface to ensure easy installation.
Many more features. See the demo/examples below. Download Buy Now

Live Sites That Use FM SiteSearch Pro:

Contact us if you would like to be listed above.

Web Hosting Requirements:

FM SiteSearch Pro has been created to run on almost any web host. Most hosting companies will meet the requirements to install and run FM SiteSearch Pro.

Hosting that Meets the FM SiteSearch Web Hosting Requirements

If you need a web host that meets the FM SiteSearch web hosting requirements then click here. Note that FM SiteSearch will run on almost any Linux based hosting.

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Please note that you have to follow the installation instructions to install FM SiteSearch Pro on your web host. The installation instructions can be found here.

Free Version Notes:

  • When you upgrade the free version to the 'Pro' version then no re-installation of the scripts are required. Your current installation of FM SiteSearch is simply upgraded to the Professional version, leaving all your settings & templates in tact. 

Free Version License:

  • Selling the code for this program without prior written consent from FocalMedia.Net is expressly forbidden. You may not redistribute this program or any part of it.
  • The source code of FM SiteSearch Pro may not be modified. The source code of the 'Pro' version may be edited for your own purposes but no part of FM SiteSearch may be resold.

SiteSearch Installation Instructions

FM SiteSearch Pro installation instructions can be found here.

Installation Help/Support

You may contact us for help with your installation. You can do that by opening a support ticket. You can do that here. Note that you have to create a support account. (It's free) It will take you two minutes or less.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

GaruanteeOur number one aim is customer satisfaction. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that FM SiteSearch Pro is a quality product  that delivers it's promise. To prove our point we are offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 30 days after your purchase, contact us and we will promptly refund you. No questions asked!

FREE Installation!

Free InstallationWith your purchase we offer you a free professional installation service. Due to time constraints on our side we are only able to provide free installations for a limited time. We will do our best to do your installations as soon as possible. Installations are done within 1-24 hours on week days and within 1-48 hours on weekends. ACT NOW!

Purchase/Register FM SiteSearch Pro

If you have installed the shareware version, you may upgrade it to the commercial/registered version The upgrade to the commercial version should take you about 2 minutes and is a simple process. You can upgrade your current installation so that all your settings, templates, links and categories stays in tact. No re-installation is required.

Purchase/Register FM SiteSearch Pro - $55

FM SiteSearch Pro Licensing Policy:

  • A single license enables you to use this program for one domain. You will need a license for each domain you use the software on. You can install as many instances of the software on one domain as required, but multiple domains will require multiple licenses.
  • Selling the code for this program without prior written consent from FocalMedia.Net is expressly forbidden. You may not redistribute this program in any shape or form.
  • All copyright notices in all scripts must stay intact.
  • Users of FM SiteSearch Pro may edit/modify the source code of FM SiteSearch Pro but no part of the FM SiteSearch Pro source code may be redistributed or resold.

Purchasing FM SiteSearch Pro Includes
  • All functions and options of FM SiteSearch is available.
  • You receive FM SiteSearch Pro electronically that enables you to add a superior search engine capabilities to your web site.
  • Lifetime product support. You may contact us at any time for product support.
  • Special attention and priority product support will be given to new users of FM SiteSearch Pro.
  • You will receive free upgrades, updates, patches and add-on's for the lifetime of the current version. Upgrading is a very simple process and should take minutes.
Pre-Sales Questions - Have a Question?

Please contact us for any questions you may have about FM SiteSearch Pro. We will do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

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