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Internet marketing and promotion is probably one of the things that is most vital to any web site or Internet based business. You spent time building it. More time promoting it and after a while it seems that there is only so much things you can do to promote it. Listed on this page is one of the key ingredients to keep web site visitors and customers returning.

There are many steps to effectively promote a web site like getting listed at major Search Engines, exchanging links with related sites, PPC advertising campaigns, etc. One of the key ingredients is to give visitors and customers a reason to come back. This can be done by creating a mailing list. By having a mailing list you can turn occasional visitors into regular visitors or customers by sending them a newsletter, news, updates and special offers, etc. The best part of this is that they requested to receive it.

It is a well known fact that having a newsletter sent to your web site audience can be considered as one the most important marketing and traffic generating tools to your disposal. It gives you the power to reach your audience and/or potential customers with their permission and interest. We have created Fm EasyList Mailing List Software for this exact purpose. It is a simple mailing list script that runs off your web site and is extremely easy to use, yet it provides you with a powerful and vital function to your traffic building and internet marketing efforts.

What will happen when you send a newsletter, news, special offer, etc. to a visitor that requested to receive it? It will turn the person receiving the email into a high quality visitor or a high quality 'lead' (potential buyer of your products or services). This means that it won't just be a visitor who accidentally stumbled across your web site. It will mean that you receive visits from people very interested in what you have to offer.

FM EasyList has been created to enable you to collect email addresses from visitors visiting your web site. You can then email visitors your newsletter, special offers, news, etc. All you have to do is to create a message and it will be sent to the entire list of recipients.


FM Easylist Demo:

You can for example place the following box anywhere on your web site.

Enter Your Email Address:


Subscribe Unsubscribe

Enter a dummy email address. Don't enter your real email address. This is for demonstrational purposes only.

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FM EasyList Control Panel Demo:

Note that some functionality has been removed from the Control Panel demo so that we can provide it to you in an organized fashion.

Click here to enter the Control Panel Demo

Key Features:
  • OPT-In functionality - Email Addresses can be confirmed (OPT-IN) so that people cannot submit other people's email addresses to have them spammed.
  • Powerful Built-in Mailer - FM EasyList comes with a built in mailer so that you can send email to the subscribers of your mailing list.
  • Send HTML or Plain Email - Also comes with a Wysiwyg editor to send HTML email.
  • Comprehensive Admin Control Panel. Built to be user friendly in every aspect for ease of use. All functions has been created to be self-explanatory.
  • Export/Import Functions - You can export or import email addresses. Also has the ability where lists of email addresses can be added by copying and pasting the lists into the Control Panel.
  • Highly Customizable - Works with customizable HTML templates to provide visitors with responses when they add or remove themselves from the mailing list. Built-in WYSIWYG to edit templates.
  • Auto responders - Also comes with customizable auto response emails when visitors subscribe to the mailing list.
  • Setup Interface - Comes with a setup interface for easy installation. No need to edit any files by hand.
  • Many more.


Web Hosting Requirements

FM EasyList has been created to run on almost any web host. Most hosting companies will meet the requirements to install and run FM EasyList.

  • Unix/Linux based host
  • Unix/Linux sendmail program (Normally included in all Linux/Unix based hosting accounts)
  • Perl (cgi-bin directory)
  • Ftp Access
Quick and Easy Installation

We have gone to every measure to make installation as easy as possible. FM EasyList comes with an installation interface to make sure you get it right the first time. No files need to be manually edited. Videos are also additionally available that details each step of the installation to ensure that anyone with little or no script-installation experience can install FM EasyList.

FM EasyList Support

Create a support account here for any FM EasyList support related questions. (It will take you 2 minutes or less)

Purchase/Register FM EasyList

If you have installed the trial version, and you purchase FM Easylist, then you may upgrade your existing installed trial version to the commercial version. The upgrade to the commercial version should take you about 2 minutes and is a simple process. You can upgrade your current installation so that all your settings, email addresses and messages  stay in tact. No re-installation is required.

sec.gif (131 bytes) Order FM EasyList - $35


Purchase FM EasyList With Installation

You will be contacted by us after your order for the installation details to do the installation. Installations are normally done within 24 hours after your purchase on business days and within 48 hours on weekends.

sec.gif (131 bytes) Order FM EasyList - $49 (Includes Installation)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Our number one aim is customer satisfaction. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that FM EasyList is a quality product that delivers it's promise. To prove our point we are offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 30 days after your purchase, contact us and we will promptly refund you. No questions asked! Kindly note that there are various administrative & billing duties involved with the financial institutions used when providing a refund. It is unfortunately not free for us to provide you with a refund. For this reason we can only refund you back with 90% of the total amount paid to us.

Pre-Sales Questions. Have a Question?

Please contact us for any questions you may have about FM Easylist. We will try our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

FM EasyList Licensing Policy
  • Selling the code for this program without prior written consent from FocalMedia.Net is expressly forbidden. You may not redistribute this program in any shape or form. 
  • All copyright notices in all scripts must stay intact. 
  • Registered users may edit/modify the source code.
Purchasing/Registering FM EasyList Includes:
  • Free product support for the life-time of the current version. Our support team is geared to provide you with solutions and to ensure that you are satisfied with our product. 
  • Users of FM Easylist will receive free upgrades / updates / patches / add-on's for the lifetime of the current version.
  • Special attention and priority email support will be given to any setup/installation issues. We will go to all means to ensure that you get FM Easylist  installed and running correctly.

Download the Free Trial Version of FM EasyList Ver 2.2

Note that the trial version will expire after 30 days.

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The FM EasyList installation instructions can be found here.
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