"Add a File Download Counter to Your Web Site to Track
File Downloads with Ease!"

Download Monitor is a download counter that will provide you with detailed statistics of any file downloads on your web site. It also optionally comes with autoresponders to send email to visitors who downloaded files. You can also choose to record additional information from visitors downloading files which you can view at any time. Download Monitor Pro also comes with the ability where visitors can subscribe to a mailing list (when downloading a file). You can then send email with Download Monitor to visitors who downloaded files and have chosen to subscribe to the mailing list.

Lets say you offer software downloads and you would like to know how many times each file has been downloaded. Download Monitor Pro would have recorded all download counts and email addresses (optional) of visitors who would like to be informed of updates or new software releases. You can then use Download Monitor Pro to email visitors who downloaded the file about upgrades or updates. You could also let them subscribe to your newsletter for example and then mail subscribers (visitors who downloaded files) directly from Download Monitor Pro.


Download Monitor - Free Version Download Monitor Pro
Free for commercial or personal use
(Fully functional!)
professional version
Professional Version


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Key Features:
Feature Description FREE Version Pro Version
Unlimited File Download Tracking - Supports multiple file downloads & tracking
User Friendly Admin Control Panel - Comes with a comprehensive Control Panel
Very Easy to use - Provides you with HTML code that you can place in any web pages to track downloads.
Detailed Download Statistics - Download by day with graph - selectable via date range.
Detailed Download Statistics - Download by tracker with graph - selectable via date range.  
View download log with IP addresses  
Autoresponders - Send auto response email to visitors who download files. (optional)
Mailing List Subscription options - Let users subscribe to your mailing list when downloading.  
Extra information Fields - Can be collected from visitors downloading files & used for mailing purposes.  
Built-in Mailer - Comes with a mailer to send email to visitors who downloaded files in the past .  
Template Customization options for subscribe & un-subscribe pages.  
Many other features.
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Download Monitor Pro Demo:

Click here to see a Demo of DownloadMonitor Pro.
(It contains download forms)

Admin Control Panel Demo:

Click here to see a Demo of the Admin Interface.


Web Hosting Requirements

    Download Monitor has been created to run on almost any web host. Most hosting companies will meet the requirements to install and run Download Monitor Pro.

    • Unix/Linux based web host.
    • Standard cgi-bin access.
    • Ftp access
    • The Linux/Unix Sendmail program. (Normally available on most Unix/Linux based hosts.)

Download 'Download Monitor' Ver 3.0
(Free Version)

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How did you find Download Monitor Pro: (Optional)
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Note that you need to follow the installation instructions to install Download Monitor on your host.


Free Version Licensing Policy

  • Selling the code for this program without prior written consent from FocalMedia.Net is expressly forbidden. You may not redistribute this program in any shape or form. 
  • All copyright notices in all scripts must stay intact.  
  • The source code may not be modified.

Professional Version Licensing Policy

  • A single license enables you to use this program for one domain. You will need a license for each domain you use the software on. You can install as many instances of the software on one domain as required, but multiple domains will require multiple licenses. 
  • Selling the code for this program without prior written consent from FocalMedia.Net is expressly forbidden. You may not redistribute this program in any shape or form. 
  • All copyright notices in all scripts must stay intact.  
  • The source code for Download Monitor Pro may be modified.
Installation Instructions

Download Monitor installation instructions can be
found here.

Quick & Easy Installation

We have gone to every measure to make installation as easy as possible. Download Monitor comes with an installation interface to make sure you get it right the first time. Videos are also additionally available that details each step of the installation for novice users.

Support & Documentation

You may obtain support from us with our support ticketing system. Click here to create an account. (It's free) You may obtain full documentation here.

Purchase Download Monitor Pro Without Installation:

If you have installed the free version, and you purchase Download Monitor Pro, then you may upgrade your existing installed free version to the professional version. The upgrade to the professional version should take 5 minutes or less and is a simple process. You can upgrade your current installation so that all your settings and downloads stay in tact. No re-installation is required.

sec.gif (131 bytes) Order Download Monitor Pro - $45


Purchase Download Monitor Pro
With Installation:

You will be contacted by us after your order for the installation details to do the installation. Installations are normally done within 24 hours after your purchase on business days and within 48 hours on weekends.

sec.gif (131 bytes) Order Download Monitor Pro - $70
Includes Installation ($25 for installation)


Credit Cards Accepted

All orders are done securely and safely by using SSL technology.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Our number one aim is customer satisfaction. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that Download Monitor is a quality product that delivers it's promise. To prove our point we are offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 30 days after your purchase, contact us and we will promptly refund you. No questions asked!
Kindly note that there are various administrative & billing duties involved with the financial institutions used when providing a refund. It is unfortunately not free for us to provide you with a refund. For this reason we can only refund you back with 90% of the total amount paid to us.


Purchasing Download Monitor Pro Includes:
  • Free email support for the life-time of the current version. Our support team is geared to provide you with solutions and to ensure that you are satisfied with our product. 
  • Users of Download Monitor Pro will receive free upgrades/updates/patches/add-on's for the lifetime of the current version.
  • Special attention and priority email support will be given to any setup/installation issues. We will go to all means to ensure that you get Download Monitor Pro installed and running correctly.


Pre-Sales Questions - Have a Question?

Please contact us for any questions you may have about Download Monitor Pro. We will try our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

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