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1. Installation Instructions
2. Settings and Options (After installation)


Download Monitor Pro Manual


Chapter 1: Installation Instructions

     1.1 Installation Instructions
     1.2 Upgrade Instructions

Chapter 2: Operation

      2.1 How to set up a Download and Manage Downloads
             2.1.1 Supplying a name for the download and providing the URL for it.
             2.1.2 Defining extra fields for a download
             2.1.3 Setting up an Auto Responder
             2.1.4 Getting the Download Form (HTML Code) to Place in Your Web Pages
             2.1.5 Changing the URL of a download
             2.1.6 Deleting a download tracker
             2.1.7 Adding or removing Extra Fields of a Download
             2.1.8 Enabling or Disabling an AutoResponder

      2.2 How to manage subscriptions
             2.2.1  How visitors downloading files can subscribe
             2.2.2  How to let visitors who downloaded files unsubscribe
             2.2.3  Customizing the look and feel of unsubscribe pages

      2.3 Statistics
             2.3.1  How to view download Statistics

      2.4 Sending Email to Visitors Who Downloaded Files
             2.4.1  How to send email to visitors who downloaded files
             2.4.2  How to send email to visitors who checked the subscribe box when downloading
             2.4.3  Personalizing email sent to visitors who downloaded files

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