Count Clicks of Links on Your Web Site - FREE!

Ever wanted to know what link on your web site is clicked the most? Now you can! Click Tracker is a simple solution to counting the amount of clicks received on links. It comes with an admin interface that displays the amount of clicks for each link with accompanying graph.

FM Click Tracker could be very useful in the following situations:

  • If you want to see which link on your menu bar is clicked the most.
  • To figure out the most clickable regions of your web pages.
  • To see what is the most popular link on your web pages.
  • Lets say you sell a product. With FM click tracker you would know which region on the layout of your web site receives the most clicks. So it would only make sense to put the 'Order' button on the region that is the most clicked.

FM Click Tracker Ver 2.1

Free for commercial or personal use .

Setup Instructions

What's New In Version 2.0
  • FM ClickTracker has been completely rewritten and now uses MySQL to ensure accuracy.
  • Comes with a completely revamped control panel.

Web Hosting Requirements

Examples & Control Panel Demo

Click the links below, and it will be recorded. See the amounts of clicks with accompanying graph in the Control Panel Demo.

Click here to see a Demo of the Control Panel interface.

  • Records number of clicks links receives.
  • You can record the number of clicks of any link on your web site.
  • Comes with a control panel that enables you to view the number of clicks on links with accompanying graph.


Click here for the FM Click Tracker documentation

Setup Instructions

Click here for setup instructions.

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