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FocalMedia.Net Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

1. What is an Affiliate Program and how and how does it work?

If you are an affiliate of ours then it is a form of partnership with us. (We are referred to as the merchant). When you join the affiliate program, you can earn commissions by placing links on your web site provided by us. The links usually come in the form of banners, text links, and other types of links. All links provided to you will contain an ID somewhere in the link, identifying you as the referrer in the case where the referred visitor purchase something. This ID is is set as a cookie in the browser of the person you referred to the merchant's web site for 6 months. When the visitor you referred, decides to buy something, we retrieve the cookie from the visitor's browser to pinpoint where the sale came from and pay you the affiliate commission for referring the sale.

2. How much does it cost to join the affiliate program?

It does not cost anything to join our affiliate program. We will normally visit your site before approving your application. In some instances we may not approve you as an affiliate. This will normally happen when your site is not suitable for our program or breaches the Terms and Conditions of our affiliate program. You are welcome to re-apply at any stage in the future.

3. Where can I see how much is owed to me?

You can see how much is owed to you at any time by logging into your Affiliate Control Panel. Then click the 'Reports' tab button. Go to the 'Sales Statistics' section and choose the dates of the sales report you would like to view.

4. What percentage of the sale do I get?

We will provide you with a commission of 25% per sale you refer. This means that if a product costs $100 and you refer a sale for this product, you will receive $25.

5. When do I get paid?

We pay you once a month. Let's say your commission was $200 for April 2003. We will then pay you on the 15th of May via PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer. Note that you your account needs a minimum balance of $30 before we can pay you.

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