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ActivDesk Manual - Index
  ActivDesk Manual


1. Installation
2. The basics in 20 minutes
3. Administrator Functions
4. Support Tickets
5. The User Manager
6. Template Manager (Customization)
7. The Knowledge Base
8. The End User Interface


1. Installation
    1.1 ActivDesk Installation Instructions
         1.1.1 ActivDesk requirements
         1.1.2 Installation Instructions
    1.2 Installation Trouble Shooter
    1.3 Upgrade Instructions to upgrade to a newer version of ActivDesk
2. The basics in 20 minutes (Getting Started)
   2.1 Create Support Categories
   2.2.Create Accounts For Your Support Staff
   2.3 Placing links from your Web Site to the Support Desk
         2.3.1 The link your customers will click to create a support account
        2.3.2 The link where customers can create support accounts automatically with support request (Optional)
        2.3.3 The link your customers will click to log into their support accounts
   2.4 Customizing the look and feel of the support desk your customers will use - Global Template Method
   2.5 Customize Automatic Email Responses
   2.6 Testing the System

3. Administrator Functions & Configuration (Super User)
    3.1 Support Staff Accounts (Support Staff Manager)
3.1.1 How to add a new Support Staff account
3.1.2 Support Staff access
          3.1.3 Obtaining Support Staff Statistics
    3.2 Category Manager
    3.3 Custom Emails
    3.4 Settings
          3.4.1 Support Ticket Settings
          3.4.2 Knowledge Base Settings
          3.4.3 User Fields

4. Support Tickets
4.1 How to add/edit/delete a Support Ticket Category
        4.1.1 Adding a New Category
        4.1.2 Editing or Changing a Category
        4.1.3 Deleting a Category
4.2 Setting up Autoresponders for Categories
    4.3 Other Emails
4.4 What is 'Visible' and 'Not Visible' Categories
4.5 The Open que
    4.6 The Replied que
    4.7 The Closed que
    4.8 How to edit replies
    4.9 How to copy a support ticket to the Knowledge Base
    4.10 Deleting a support ticket
    4.11 Message Tags
    4.12 How to Search the Support Tickets
    4.13 How to find a ticket by 'Ticket Number'

5. The User Manager
    5.1 Introduction
    5.2 How to edit a user account
    5.3 How to delete a user account
    5.4 How to log-into a user account
    5.5 How to search for a user account
    5.6 Capturing extra information from support users (Extra Fields)

6. Template Manager (Customization)
    6.1 Customization Basics
    6.2 Template Basics
    6.3 How to edit templates
    6.4 What is the variable words in the templates/HTML files?
    6.5 How to use images in templates
    6.6 General Template Guidelines
    6.7 How to use template includes
          6.7.1 What is template includes?
          6.7.2 How to create a template include
          6.7.3 How to include template includes inside your templates
    6.8 Template Trouble Shooting

7. The Knowledge Base
    7.1 Introduction
    7.2 Adding New Categories
    7.3 How to copy a support ticket to the Knowledge Base
    7.4 How to edit categories
    7.5 How to delete categories
    7.6 How to add Knowledge Base Entries
    7.7 Copying/Deleting/Moving/Editing a Knowledge Base entry
    7.8 Approving comments added by end users of the Knowledge Base
    7.9 How to edit comments posted by end users
    7.10 How to search the knowledge base

8. The End User Interface (Customer Control Panel)
    8.1 Introduction
    8.2 Logging into ActivDesk
    8.3 The ActivDesk Customer Control Panel.
    8.4 Lost or Forgot your Password.

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