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ActivDesk Manual - Chapter 3
  ActivDesk Manual


1. Installation
2. The basics in 20 minutes
3. Administrator Functions
4. Support Tickets
5. The User Manager
6. Template Manager (Customization)
7. The Knowledge Base
8. The End User Interface

3. Administrator Functions & Configuration (Super User)

3.1 Support Staff Accounts (Support Staff Manager)
     3.1.1 How to add a new Support Staff account
3.1.2 Support Staff Access
     3.1.3 Obtaining Support Staff Statistics
3.2 Category Manager
3.3 Custom Emails
3.4 Settings
     3.4.1 Support Ticket Settings
     3.4.2 Knowledge Base Settings
     3.4.3 User Fields


3.1 Support Staff Accounts

Support Staff Accounts enable your Support Staff to provide end users (customers) with Support. You control the level of access the Support Staff Accounts have.

3.1.1 How to add a support staff account

Firstly click on the Admin Functions Tab when logged into the main control panel. Now click on the Support Staff Manager Tab. Scroll down to the 'Add a New Support Staff Account' Section.

Control Panel >> Admin Functions >> Support Staff Manager

'Full Name' is the support staff member's full name.

'Email Address' is the support staff member's full email address.

'User Name' is the chosen user name for the support staff member account.

'Password' is the password for the support staff member account. (Please take note that passwords are case sensitive).

3.1.2 Support Staff access

The Access level of the support staff user/member is determined by their Support Staff account. During the creation of this account you can set the access level. This allows you to restrict the use of certain features.

The 'Super User' option gives the support staff member full access to all features as well as access to all admin functions. It will give the support staff member access to create support categories, and the admin functions like adding new support staff accounts, email customization, etc. Users that does not have 'Super User' access does not have access to the admin functions.

The 'Support Tickets' option will determine if the support staff member has access to the Support Ticketing system to assist with support requests.

The 'User Manager' option will give the support staff member access to the User Manager in the Control Panel. The user manager is used to manage customer support accounts.

The 'Template Manager' option will give the support staff member the ability to access and change the Templates used by ActivDesk.

The 'Knowledge Base' option will give the support staff member the ability to administrate the Knowledge Base.

Once all these fields have been completed press the 'Add Support Staff Account' button to add a new support staff account.

3.1.3 Obtaining Support Staff Statistics

To obtain statistics on Individual Support Staff members click on the statistics link when viewing support staff member accounts from the Control Panel >> Admin Functions >> Support Staff Manager

At the top you will see 'Statistics For :' followed by the support staff member's user name. Here it Shows the amount of replies posted by a support staff member as well as the average amount of daily replies.

'From Date' and 'To Date' - Enables you to filter tickets so that only those tickets are displayed within the date range you specify.

'Filter' - The filter has four distinct options:

'View All Tickets' - All tickets will be shown regardless of status. (open,closed,replied)

'Only View Tickets that have been closed' This will show only tickets that have been closed.

'Only View Tickets that are open' Only 'Open' tickets will be shown in the report.

'Only View Tickets that are marked as replied' Only tickets that have been marked as 'Replied' will be shown.

'Priority' - This allows you to choose the priority the tickets have to be so that it's included in the report.

'View Replies Posted in' - Allows you to only view tickets posted in certain categories.

How many results to list 'per page' - Allows you to specify how many results are listed on a 'per page' basis.


3.2 Category Manager

Refer to Chapter 4. (How to add/edit/delete a Support Ticket Category)


3.3 Custom Emails

The 'Custom Emails' functionality enables you to customize auto responses sent to customers opening tickets and posting replies to existing tickets. The responses sent out by ActivDesk can be customized by going to the Control Panel. Then click on the 'Admin Functions' button. Then click on Custom Emails. Note that only a super user (support staff member that has super user status) can customize these emails.

For more on customizing these Emails see 4.3


3.4 Settings

The settings enable you to change some aspects of how ActivDesk works. To set these settings click on the Admin Functions Tab when logged into the main control panel. Then click on the settings tab.

3.4.1 Support Ticket Settings
Below is an explanation of the settings of the support ticketing system:

The number of tickets to list per page when in ticket categories: Here you can set the amount of tickets displayed when viewing support tickets from the Control panel in the Open/Replied/Closed que.

Allow support staff to edit or delete replies made by themselves: When enabled, support staff can delete or edit any replies they have posted to support tickets.

The Maximum number of tickets that may be opened by a user requesting support. (Set it to 0 for unlimited): Here you can globally set the maximum amount of tickets that may be opened by customers requesting support.

3.4.2 Knowledge Base Settings
These settings effect the way in which the knowledge base works.

Number of Knowledge Base Entries to show by default in categories: This setting defines the number of knowledge base entries displayed to end users when they browse knowledge base entries inside the knowledge base categories.

The separator to separate the location where a user resides in the Knowledge Base: When browsing Knowledge Base categories there is text pointing out the current category/location. The categories will be separated by this character.

Number of search results to display on a 'per page' basis when searching: This setting is used to display the number of knowledge base entries on a 'per page' basis when searching.

Background color of text when highlighted in search results: The keywords that was used to search for will be highlighted in search results. This is the background color of the highlighting that is used to highlight keywords in search results.

Text color when highlighted: The color of text that is highlighted.

Next Page Text: Text used to indicate the 'next page' link.

Previous Page Text: Text used to indicate the 'previous page' link.

3.4.3 User Fields
Enables you to collect extra information from customers/users when registering support accounts. There are 15 extra fields which you can use for this purpose. You can for example collect contact numbers and/or address details or anything that is relevant to the type of support you will be providing. If you are not going to use all 15 fields, exclude the fields from the registration template so that they don't have to be completed.

If you want to collect extra information when customers register a support account then you will need to add text boxes to your registration form so that customers can add the extra information when registering a support account. To do this you will need to edit register.html - For help and detailed instructions on template editing see: The Template Manager (Customization)

Let's say for example you would like to collect the customer's address. You can then for example add a textbox with the name 'extra1' to the registration form/template. Make sure that the value of the textbox is !!extra1!!  - This text is there so that ActivDesk can remember the text filled in by the customer in the event of an error where the page need to reload.

The HTML code to collect a customer's address would for example look like this:

Address: <input name="extra1" type="text" id="extra1" value="!!extra1!!" />

Placing the above HTML code inside the register.html template will provide and extra textbox where a person registering a support account is required to supply an address.

When you would like to collect additional information add more text boxes. The second text box name would be 'extra2' and the value inside it will then be !!extra2!! - This can go up until 15 as you can have up to 15 extra fields to collect extra information.

You can set it up so that some extra fields needs a value when filled in and you can also set it so that some fields don't. This can be set here in the 'User Fields' settings section. You can also give the extra fields descriptive names that will indicate the type of information that has been collected.


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